Rescue commander

Rescue Commander Opened Up (top)Folded down (bottom)

The Rescue Commanders are Rescue Force's electronic pads for rescue missions. Among its functions is changing into the Rescue suits with the Build Up! card, send data, track victims and extreme disaster's sources, and summon rescue vehicles.

Max CommanderEdit

The Max Commander is a silver and blue version of a regular Rescue Commander. It allows R1 to transform into R1 Max with the Max Up! card. Originally, it was inaccessible when Obuchi tried to use it.

Obuchi's Rescue CommanderEdit

Obuchi's Rescue Commander was purple in color. It became damaged at some point. He still kept it with him when he became Daen. Ritsuko Kanzaki and Naomi Okamura were forced it fix it. Daen used the fixed Rescue Commander to tranform into R1.

R0's Rescue CommanderEdit

Reiji seems to use his Rescue Commander only to transform into R0 as he could summon vehicles with a hidden voice command. His Rescue Commander has red and black accents.


  • Hikaru Todoroki
  • Kyosuke Jinrai
  • Rei Kozuki
  • Juri Shiraki
  • Eiji Ishiguro
  • Natsuno Nanbu
  • Reiji Osakabe
  • Obuchi/Daen

~~Rescue Up~~


Rescue FireEdit

Up Next Rescue Works

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