Left rescue breaker hammer

Rescue Breaker is Rescue Force's main multi-purpose Rescue Tool. It can be used for close combat or rescue missions


  • Mobile Mode - standbly mode
  • Break Hammer - hammer mode
  • Break Axe - axe mode
  • Break Pick - pick mode
  • Break Hand - on the handle is a claw
  • Break Rope- the claw attached to the rope can be used for grappling.
  • Break Drill - a small drill on the bottom of the handle for drilling in evacuation
  • Break Shot - an analyzer mode that acts like a camera.


  • Hikaru Todoroki
  • Kyosuke Jinrai
  • Rei Kozuki
  • Juri Shiraki
  • Eiji Ishiguro
  • Yuma Megumi


Fire Knight
Happiness Car King
Elo Maunt Carz

Henshin Up


Fire Knight
Happiness Helicop Awax
Elo Maunt Carz

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