The speeding Mach Train

The Mach Train is a world-wide traveling train with a high velocity. Its preceedor was the rejected Metal Train

Rescue the Mach Train!Edit

The Mach Train was prepared for its first voyage and departed from Japan. During the journey, Mach Train stopped at a tunnel. Dr. Maddo's Metal Train grabbed the train with its mechanical tentacles and headed for Nouvelle Ginza, where Mach Train's builders are.

Mach Train's passengers evacutated thanks to Rescue Force. Metal Train later let go of Mach Train to battle Rescue Force. Even though it was no longer under Metal Train's control, Mach Train was still coursed for its destination. Fortunately, the train slowed down and arrived a short distance before Nouvelle Ginza.

Rescue ForceEdit

The Mach Train was seen in episode 47. Due to Neo Terror's Crisis Maker, the train's departure was delayed.

Known PassengersEdit

Episode AppearancesEdit

  • Movie: Rescue the Mach Train
  • Ep. 47 - Hurry Rei: Save the Bond Between Parent and Child

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