The following is an episode list for Tomica Hero: Rescue Force. The episodes are divided into two seasons.

Season 1 Edit

Ep. No. Air Date Episode Title Summary
1 April 4, 2008 Approval of Final Resue: Explosion Supression Complete Rescue Force's newest member, Hikaru Todoroki is on his first day as a member. Meanwhile, a group of androids called Neo Terror use a Crisis Maker to set fire on Omega Island
2 April 12, 2008 The Enemy is the Sun: Explosively Supress it! Neo Terror unleashed an artificial sun. Meanwhile Hikaru attempts the combination of Rescue Striker and Rescue Riser
3 April 19, 2008 Rescue Shovel, Launch! Hikaru is failing his training until the chance to use Rescue Shovel arrives in digging out Neo Terror's Crisis Maker.
4 April 26, 2008 Protect the Hometown: Riser Striker Rescue Force is deployed in stopping falling ice storms at Hikaru's hometown.
5 May 3, 2008
6 May 10, 2008
7 May 17, 2008
8 May 24, 2008
9 May 31, 2008
10 June 7, 2008
11 June 14, 2008 The Professor Appears: Rescue Special Lecture Professor Natsumemori, "father" of Rescue Force came for a special lecture, in reviewing the Rescue Arensal and vehicles. But the professor is not exactly who he claims to be.
12 June 21, 2008
13 June 28, 2008
14 July 4, 2008 A New Enemy: Will Kyosuke Make it in Time?
15 July 11, 2008 What happened Hikaru? No Striker Today Hikaru was beginning to feel depressed. Rei thought the reason was that he was worried of the damaged Rescue Striker. So she decided to take him out in trying to cheer him up.
16 July 18, 2008
17 July 25, 2008
18 August 1, 2008 Rookie or Great Veteran: R5 Enters
19 August 8, 2008
20 August 15, 2008 Remember the Glass Slipper? Juri's First Love Juri's boyfriend from America comes to Japan. While delighted upon his return, Juri kept her career in Rescue Force as a secret. When San tries to steal the Terra Stone from a museum, Juri discovers the shocking truth about her boyfriend.
21 August 22, 2008 Kyosuke's Partner: Rescue Dozer Kyosuke wants to pilot a new vehicle called Rescue Dozer. But UFDA kept it in storage, due to its destructive power. Will Dozer help in fighting against the latest Terra Resetter?
22 August 29, 2008 Look! This is the New Core Striker Hikaru's Core Striker felt like it can't keep up with his Rescue soul. So Ishiguro upgraded him into 'Max'. Meanwhile, Neo Terror unleashed an upgraded version of the Yuruyuru Bacteria.
23 Sept. 5, 2008 Hikaru and Rei Lose Their Way: The Strange Mansion Hikaru and Rei got lost in a forest and was lead to a mansion belonging to a mysterious person named Obuchi, who's actually the first R1 and Neo Terror's leader, Daen.
24 Sept. 12, 2008 Daen's Trap: Look Out Captain Ishiguro
25 Sept. 19, 2008 Max Suit-Up Complete! New R1 Rescue Force finds the R1 Max Program, developed by Obuchi. Daen kidnaps two of the UFDA's scientists in order to complete his master plan. Will R1 be able to transform in R1 Max?
26 Sept. 26, 2008 Oni Director Appears: Rescue the Filming A movie based on Rescue Force is being filmed with Director Masuda and Star Okada. Some of the plots are not what Rescue Force expected to be and the director is quite particular and stern.

Season 2Edit

Ep. No. Airdate Title Episode Summary
26 Oct. 4, 2008 Ultimate Combination! Rescue Max Enters UFDA begins the construction of Rescue Max, a robot designed by Obuchi. Meanwhile, AI Daen, an AI with Daen's brain waves, built the Dark Striker, an evil version of Rescue Striker
27 Oct. 11, 2008 Daen's Daughter: It's Maen Daen's daughter, Maen makes her debut and is now Neo Terror's new leader. Meanwhile, Kyosuke was upset that Rescue Saver is the legs of Rescue Max.
28 Oct 18, 2008 I Wanna Ride Too; Rei's Large-Scale Vehicle Rescue Rei finally gets a chance to be able to drive a large-scale vehicle if she can pass her driving test. Neo Terror unleashes a destructive Aurora. Rei and her driving instructor, Nishimura have to get an explosives truck out of the way of the aurora.
36 Scramble! Rescue the Rescue Max! Eiji Ishiguro is planning to leave for France and has to choose his replacement; he was thinking of Kyosuke. Meanwhile, Maen obtains a source called Omeganium and sends out Neo Terror with the Magma Crisis. During the rescue, Rescue Max has to hold on for life over a pool of lava.
37 Hikaru is the Captain? Two Zukkeins appear. While the captain was being hospitalized after the last battle, Kyosuke overhears him of his departure and planning to make Hikaru the captain. Meanwhile, Maen unleashes two Zukkeins at the same time.
38 Decisive Battle! God Striker Wins! Starting from the last episode, Maen unleashes the Omega Zukkein, powered up by Omeganium, and had R3 and R4 as prisoners. Hikaru come up with a plan to stop the Zukkein with everyone's Rescue Soul in work.
50 The Final Battle! All Vehicles Combine With Batsu powered up, Rescue Force is deployed for their biggest rescue yet with the ultimate vehicle combo: Great God Striker. But how'll they'll be able to defeat a colossal well-calculated computer?
51 You are Tomorrow's Rescue Force! After the fianl battle with Batsu, Rescue Force prepares for their future and a guide for a school. The low-battery running Neo Terror accidentally unleashed a gas of fear. It's up to Rescue Force and the kids to rescue.


Release Title Summary
Dec. 20, 2008 Rescue the Mach Train Mataro Madano has joined with Neo Terror and used his Metal Train to hijack the newly developed Mach Train. Rescue Force is dispatched to save the train and the passengers. Also they got help from a mysterious person named Reiji Osakabe.
On movie DVD Explosive Run! Tomica Hero Grand Pix All of Rescue Force's members race in their small-scale vehicles to compete for the title of being the Fastest in the UFDA. But Neo Terror entered the race and tried to win themselves by sabatoging.

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