Great Wyvern

The Great Wyvern is the combination of Super Fire Dragon (Fire Dragon , Dozer Dragon , and Turbo Dragon ) and Super Jet Falcon (Jet Falcon and Heli Falcon ). It resembles a huge dragon.


Fire Dragon connects behind Super Jet Falcon. Dozer Dragon and Turbo Dragon's bodies would link under Jet Falcon's wings. Dozer Dragon's treads and buckets would connect on Jet Falcon's sides, forming the front legs. Turbo Dragon's fan would attach on top of Super Jet Falcon and Heli Falcon's blades would connect to its wing. FInally, Jet Falcon's nose would extend to form Great Wyvern's head.

Final RescueEdit

Great Wyvern's final rescue is Infinite Thunder, shooting a bolt of freezing energy. Then it launches a Great Wyvern attack from a super-charged Dash-1.

Great Wyvern GXEdit


The largest combination, Great Wyvern GX

Great Wyvern GX
is Rescue Fire's largest vehicle combination. It's made from Great Wyvern, X-Dragon, and GaiaLeon. Originally, this combination wasn't able to be formed due to Tatsuya's lack of faith. But the combination was achieved when he gained the Blue Orb of Faith. Great Wyver GX's final rescue is Great Hurricane, firing multiple blasts that form into one ray that freezes the target and extinguish the Extreme Fires. Then it's followed by a Great Wyvern attack. All the five Rescue Dashes are launched.

Wyvern CannonEdit


Rescue King holding the Wyvern Cannon

Wyvern Cannon
is the combination of Super Jet Falcon, Turbo Dragon, and Dozer Dragon. The formation is much the same, excluding Fire Dragon. The combination is used as a weapon by Rescue King (X-Dragon and Fire Dragon). It shoots a spiked round projectile at its target in one shot.

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