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Earth Defense Squad
Earth Defense Squad is the first season of Earth Defense Squad. It's based on Tomica Hero: Rescue Force.


Whenever there’s danger, crime, accidents, & disasters, the great Earth Defense Squad has the best highly trained professionals ready to save people & stop the terror that ruins the lives of innocence. An evil warlord named Grim Lord X & his evil organization, Addis X, are trying to rule the world. Grim-Lord’s plan is not just to capture humans & making them his slaves. Will the Earth Defense Squad stop Addis X & restore peace to the world?



Color Role Actor
1 Joey Dylan Suporse
2 Kurt Cole Suporse
3 Zoe Brenda Song
4 Emily Debby Ryan
5 Elijah Doc Shaw
0 Mirgen Joey Cramer



Addis XEdit

  • Grim Lord X


  • Defender Scanner - The Defenders' transformation device.

Defense VehiclesEdit

  • Defense Firetruck - The Blue Defender's large-scale firetruck Defense Vehicle.


Opening ThemeEdit

  • The All-American Rejects - Move Along

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